Wavelengths 002 is up!

The second episode of Wavelengths is up on YouTube. This one clocks in at almost 12 minutes, and starts with a brief tour of my home recording studio setup. From there it moves into a discussion of eight ways to get drums into a home recording podcast.

This time around, I filmed in 1080p/24 using a better color setting on the camera, so I didn’t feel I needed to retouch the footage (meaning I’m not pink). The lavalier mic picked up more noise than last time, but I had a chance to do a little voiceover on some footage using a Sterling Ocean Way mic, which is fantastic. It doesn’t have that “condenser” sound I’ve come to expect from lesser mics. 

BTW auto-correct, it’s “mics” not mice. There are no mice here, although a skink got into the house once. Those suckers are fast. But I digress (also this habit of digression is why the blog is called “jonsequitors”).

I couldn’t have done it without drum samples from Steven Slate Drums, my Roland TD-20 kit, Final Cut Pro 7, and Logic 9. Still waiting on Mr. Slate’s plugins to go full 64-bit before making the upgrade to Logic X. Also I’m waiting for the new version of FCP and the new Mac Pro before upgrading everything.

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